these are some technologies i use

Amazon Web Services, iTerm2, HTML5 + CSS, Jenkins, Wordpress.

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Pratik and Shreeya
Wedding Website

This Wedding website was a cornerstone to spreading information and gathering RSVP details for a beautiful wedding reception.

The Shed
Raspberry Pi and AWS magic

This is a fun website that is hosted on a raspberry pi and Amazon S3. Its configured with an AWS Health check which pings for a website hosted on a Raspberry Pi. This website is only powered when the Shed is active (when someone is in the shed). When the shed is offline, the DNS routing policy redirects all internet traffic to a static webpage hosted on Amazon’s S3

Kabob Depot Food Truck
Web design and Marketing

Literally a mobile business.This had some unique challenges that was fun to think through

Buhi Skate Shop
Marketing and Web Design

From brand creation to merchandising, I have first hand experience increasing market presence.

Nepali Nightmare
DJ Services

With more than 5 years of experience, I have what it takes to DJ your big day. Weddings, Graduation Parties, Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, Greek Life, I’ve done it all!

Online Business Presence
Personal Marketing and contact pages

"Hey yeah, check out my website, I have exactly what your looking for." Always a click away!

My Digital Toolbox

You have got to use the right tool for the job.
AWS Soloutions Architect. Certified Nerd

  • Going the distance

    Dont tell me the sky is the limmit when theres footsteps on the moon.

  • Retna Macbook Pro

    Powerhouse on wheels. My machines allow me to deliver high quality service and delivery on the go. I created a multi-monittor docking station for an amazing desktop experence

  • CODE!!

    AWS,SHTML5, CSS3,Javascript,jQuery,Java, .NET, Wordpress, Bootstrap, Squarsapce,HTML5up.

  • Tune In, Crank out

    People can be distracting. Sometimes its necessary to plug in, focus, and crank out work. An amazig desk and good pair of headphones goes a long way.

  • Capture the moments

    Photography and Videography are essential tools to capture the essence of the moment. Connect people with feelings

  • Stay Current

    Its research. Do all you can in order to stay ahead of the curve. learn new things everyday. Stay hungry for new information